Commercial Millwork Projects Before & After

We created this page to showcase some top commercial millwork projects we have worked on throughout the hospitality and restaurant industry from the before and after process!  Enjoy the millwork and decor!

Before: Marriot

After: Marriot

F&R General Interiors seasoned team has designed millwork for a large array of clients all around the country since 1981.

We’re constantly expanding into new areas and pretty much anything you need, we can make. Acrylics, glass, and metals are all incorporated into our capabilities.

We take great satisfaction in being the best we can be every day!

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Before: Ouzo Bay

After: Ouzu Bay

Hey, guys, I want to thank you for the two guys that came out today and straighten all the glass, fixed the J booth, and adjusted some of the seats they really did a good job and I want to thank you. Douglas M.

Before: The Brimstone

After: The Brimstone

Katapult MarketingCommercial Millwork Projects Before & After