Top 5 Custom Hotel Furniture & Millwork Projects by F&R General Interiors of 2016

Throughout the last year, we were busy working on many custom millwork and custom hotel furniture projects for key hotelier chains and restaurants throughout South Florida, the United States, and outside the country. In fact, we have been around since the 1980’s, so we are not new to the custom millwork rodeo.

First, for those not familiar with what custom millwork is we should probably start there before we boast about our top projects, right?

What’s the real story?

Custom millwork dates back to the late 1800’s during the “Golden Age” where the majority of the millwork was made from wood.  Today this trade has expanded from wood to other materials used in the design and construction for interior decor in the home and hospitality industry.

Examples of custom hotel furniture & millwork include the following:

  • Custom booth seating or banquet seating
  • Custom tabletops
  • Custom columns
  • Architectural woodwork
  • Custom Upholstered Furniture
  • Custom Hotel Furniture

Look, these detailed visuals you see in a home, hotel, restaurant, and beyond all involve custom millwork. There is NO magic wand to create custom hotel furniture and millwork.  A team of trained professionals is hard at work planning, constructing, communicating throughout the whole process of a project.

So, you can only imagine how hard it was for us to narrow it down for our Top 5 Custom Millwork Projects of 2016.  As always we had a blast working with our clients from the design and theme. It is always fun seeing the project go from the paper and turning into a reality!

Let’s look at our Top 5 Custom Millwork Projects of 2016.  Let us know which one is your favorite or if you have eaten at or stayed at any of these places.

#5 Blue Martini (all Locations in Florida)

Have you ever been to any of these Blue Martini locations and thought wow who did the millwork and seating here?  Yep, that was us!

custom hospitality furniture manufacturers in Miami, FL

Custom Millwork for Blue Martini in Orlando, Florida

custom millwork florida

Custom Millwork for Blue Martini

#4 Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne– Banquette Seating for entire restaurant

custom restaurant booths

commercial banquet seating

#3 Talde Restaurant Miami Beach –Seating for entire restaurant

#2 District 36– Architectural Millwork

custom millwork

architectural millwork Miami, Fl

 #1 Hotel South Beach– Millwork

Hopefully, this was an awesome experience seeing our top custom hotel furniture and millwork projects throughout 2016.

Bottom line, we love what we do and this field is a special niche and next time you are at a hotel or restaurant you may think to yourself, “I wonder if F&R General had a hand in the millwork for this cool place?”

Comment below and let us know if you have been to any of these Top 5 places or ask questions about custom millwork.

Chris RodriguezTop 5 Custom Hotel Furniture & Millwork Projects by F&R General Interiors of 2016
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Seven reasons why customers prefer custom restaurant booths when dining

Today’s American custom restaurant booths have origins dating back to the Revolutionary era when the English incorporated their country’s fondness for “boxes” in churches and opera houses. These boxes surrounded seating areas to provide privacy and space for their occupants and they eventually found their way into American eating establishments, providing diners with an intimate setting.

As boxes evolved into booths, they faced opposition for being “too private” during the first part of the 20th Century but by the 1950’s they had become an iconic American symbol that still evokes fond memories and provides comfortable seating for today’s restaurant diners.

#1 Custom booth seating is preferred

The first question many restaurant customers ask when the host or hostess greets them is if there are any booths available? Customers seem to prefer booths and will often wait until one is open instead of receiving immediate seating at a table. The reasons customers prefer booths vary but their love of this type of custom booth seating makes them a worthwhile investment for restaurant owners. Knowing why customers prefer booths and what features appeal most to them can help a restaurant owner choose the right style, height, and color for their custom restaurant booths.

#2 Increased privacy of booths

Some customers prefer tables and chairs and others prefer booths, so a restaurant may need to provide a mixed selection of both to meet their maximum capacity comfortably. However, booths offer more privacy than tables and sometimes booth-only seating works fine for an establishment. The high back benches of custom restaurant booths prevent other diners from seeing people in the booth to a certain extent and help keep conversations confined to the booth while minimizing surrounding noise.  

custom booth seating Miami, fl

The intimacy of booths and their semi-secluded seating also makes it a safer spot for storing jackets and purses and keeps them out of the way of waitstaff.

# 3 Greater comfort

Custom restaurant booths builders can construct seating of specific fabrics, finishes, and colors to coordinate with the eating establishment and provide optimum comfort to diners. Restaurant chairs can be comfortable too but they don’t offer the coziness of sitting close to friends and family. Booths tend to be sturdier than chairs to ensure proper support of more than one person and the larger seating area allows people to spread out and relax.

The soft cushions of a booth enable diners to enjoy their meal without the discomfort of sitting on a chair that may have less padding.

#4 Improved traffic flow

Tables and chair arranged out on an open floor mean that the wait staff has to navigate a constantly changing landscape of diners complete with bulky coats, hanging purses and bags on floors. With custom restaurant booths set against the walls of the establishment, the wait staff can easily navigate the aisles while the diners can eat in peace without the disruption of people dragging coats over their heads or bumping their chairs.

banquet seating, Miami, Fl

#5 Cozier dining

Restaurant booths offer a cozier dining experience than tables and chairs and eliminate the exposed feeling of sitting out in the open. The people eating at the booth feel that they have a separate space in the restaurant and enjoy a more intimate dining experience. Friends and family can sit closer together to talk, laugh and create memories that harken back to the days of the iconic American diners filled with booths of happy patrons.

#6 Room to move and work

Although gatherings in a booth used to involve sharing a milkshake and plates of burgers and fries, in today’s busy world, many restaurant customers have to work during their lunch hour and appreciate the increased room of booth seating. The extra space on the booth seat gives them space to set down their jacket and bags while they set their laptop and papers on the table with enough room left to eat. Providing wifi in an establishment with custom restaurant booths can entice working customers inside for a change of scenery and great food while they remain productive.

custom millwork florida

#7 Choosing features for custom restaurant booths

The materials, design and shape of custom booth seating should coordinate with the style of the restaurant while providing optimum seating for customers. Sometimes a restaurant owner may not know how to utilize space and custom booth builders can help by taking precise measurements and building seating that works perfectly in the square footage. Large corner booths intermixed with traditional size booths and smaller, couple-size booths provide ideal seating for parties of all numbers while maintaining the coziness everyone loves.

The materials used for the booth seat should be durable, easy to clean, maintain and repair so the restaurant can operate at maximum capacity through their busiest hours.

Today’s custom restaurant booths can be reminiscent of the classic look from Happy Days or have a sophisticated elegant appearance without ever sacrificing comfort.

Chris RodriguezSeven reasons why customers prefer custom restaurant booths when dining
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NY Times: A Charming Aristocrat Above the Fray

EoA Project of the Year 2013 EoA Project of the Year 2013 part two

Chris RodriguezNY Times: A Charming Aristocrat Above the Fray
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15 Budget Friendly Tips To Create Your Own Luxury Hotel-Inspired Bedroom

Unless you’ve been on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous you probably don’t have bedroom furniture that feels anything like a five-star hotel room. If you’ve ever stayed in an upscale hotel you understand how pleasurable it can be.

From the sumptuous bedding to the elegant furnishings and accessories, to the soothing palette, every aspect is designed to elevate your sense of comfort and relaxation! It can be depressing to leave and return to your less than extraordinary bedroom at home.

Don’t let hotel room envy get you down.

Use those fond memories as inspiration for making your own five star worthy, budget friendly hotel-inspired bedroom at home.

Follow these tips and create your own lavish retreat, without breaking the bank.

1. Pick a theme and define your vision

Are you most comfortable in a modern space, or something more traditional? Find furnishings and select accessories that work together to create the type of space you find most enjoyable. By defining a theme and sticking with it, you can create a soothing space that is perfectly styled to your liking. Integrating furnishings and objects with lots of different styles can make a space feel complicated, overwrought and chaotic, the opposite of what we want in our bedrooms.

Find a theme by going through magazines, design books, or do a google search (interior design themes or hotel bedrooms design themes). You will find a variety of themes to pick from.

From modern to zen, to fancy, or boutique, a theme is a great launching point for starting your bedroom redesign.

Take pictures or screenshots of pictures that appeal of to you. Gather a group of images for inspiration and refer to them when selecting your furnishings and accessories.


2. Choose a color scheme to create the feel you want

Your choice of color will make a huge impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. You can make a statement with a bold hue, or go with a something neutral.

Limit the number of colors you use, two or three is best (including the ceiling color). One way to create some drama with color, without going over the top, is to paint one wall an accent color. For an accent color select a color that coordinates well with the main color used throughout your space. For a more subtle look choose an accent color that is several shades deeper in tone than your primary color.

Every color evokes a different mood. In fact, color can have psychological effects on a room’s inhabitants. Here’s a quick guide outlining how we can be affected by color:

  • BLUE is calming, it slows the heart rate, suppresses hunger and reduces blood pressure.
  • RED causes excitement, it increases blood pressure and motor-skills activities. It can also increase your appetite.
  • YELLOW increases your heart rate, it’s uplifting and also causes excitement, however, some people become irritated when around too much yellow.
  • GREEN is a welcoming color, it is good for contemplation, and creates a restful state.
  • PURPLE is considered a very cerebral color. Good for studying and meditation.
  • WHITE is clean, crisp, and soothing. It can also be interpreted as clinical.
  • BLACK is thought to be dark, menacing, and foreboding.

Your choice of color is a very personal one.

Carefully consider how you want your bedroom to feel when selecting a color. If you want a soothing retreat avoid bright and bold tones and stick with more subtle neutral colors. If you have a favorite color that happens to be bright or bold (like red for instance), perhaps find a deeper and more relaxing interpretation of it (rust or maroon for example).


3. Invest in quality for a rich sumptuous feel

High-class hotels feel rich because they are. From the linens to the furniture, to the soaps, everything is top of the line. You can create that feeling in your own space by making a few key purchases. Of course, the bed is the crown jewel of any bedroom, so let’s start with that.

Make your bed the plush haven you deserve.

Spoil yourself with the best sheets you can afford. Look for sheets with a high thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads that are woven into one square inch of a fabric. The higher the thread count the better quality the sheet. Higher thread count sheets feel a bit thicker and smoother than standard sheets.

The type of cotton sheets are made of is also very important in determining their quality. Top-of-the-line sheets are made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Second, best is 100 percent pima cotton, also known as “Supima”. Egyptian cotton has longer fibers and produces sheets that are thin yet sumptuous and strong and durable. Most sheets that are labeled “100% cotton” are made of an American upland cotton, a rougher, less expensive variety.

Upland cotton has shorter fibers that can poke out of the weave, making a coarser and weaker fabric. Pima cotton is also very soft and less likely to pill than upland cotton. Standard sheets (made of upland cotton) are the most affordable, followed by Pima and the most costly are the Egyptian cotton. A good queen sheet set made of pima you should be able to buy for less than $200. If you want the best, an Egyptian cotton sheet set may cost you $500 or more.

When selecting your bedding stick with neutral or solid colors. Most hotels have solid colored bedding for a good reason, fewer colors is more serene. Remember, an all white bed always feels clean, crisp and comforting.

Purchase key pieces that will add function and style to your room.

Find several beautiful high quality furniture pieces. A good bed, or headboard is a great long term investment. A deeply padded head board makes reading and lounging a joy. A fantastic upholstered chair with ottoman sets the stage for a reading nook. A bench at the end of the bed is also a way to add that hotel like feel. A place to rest while taking on and off your shoes can be very much appreciated. Shop for pieces in catalogs, in department stores, or online. Consignment shops may also have some unique and high quality options.


4. Buy a top quality mattress and rest in ultimate comfort

If you feel like you sleep better in a luxury hotel there’s probably a good reason for that. Aside from being away from all the chaos of your everyday life, most high end hotels provide top quality mattresses. Some people consider their mattress the most important piece of furniture in their home. After all a high quality mattress can help insure a good night’s sleep, while a poor quality mattress can seriously compromise your ability to rest.

When selecting a mattress there are two key factors to consider: support and comfort.

You want a mattress that will support your body and hold you in proper alignment. When you lie on your side your mattress should contour to the shape of your body and support your weight evenly. You also want a mattress that feels comfortable and does not apply pressure to your body. Pressure can cut off circulation and cause discomfort causing you to toss and turn and leading to a less than restful night’s sleep.

Other considerations when purchasing a mattress are motion transfer, temperature control, edge support and the number and type of coils the mattress is made of.

If you share a bed, you want a mattress that reduces motion transfer. Your partner can get in and out of bed without the action disturbing you or causing your side of the bed to move. Temperature is also important. Better mattresses have advanced foams, phase change materials, ventilation, etc., to reduce heat retention. The more coils a mattress has the better it can contour to your body. Individually wrapped coils are preferable to standard coils, which area all tied together and don’t move independently.


5. Banish clutter and rest easy

Get rid of any excess clutter. Nothing makes a place feel less than serene than lots of unsightly clutter. Put away absolutely everything that isn’t essential to keep within reach. The last thing you want to see when falling asleep at night is piles of papers, books, clothes or other items that remind you of what you have yet to do.

Hotels have zero clutter.

When you turn in there are no distractions aside from the TV (or a book if you brought one). Create that same peaceful sleep enhancing the environment by banishing clutter from your room.

Use storage containers and organizers to maximize your storage space. Consider hiring a closet organizer or purchasing a closet organization system to make the most of your closet space. First, get rid of unworn garments. If you haven’t worn it within a year it’s time to part ways with it. If your closet is too small to fit everything purchase storage containers that will fit under your bed.

Store seasonal wears in the containers and suddenly you’ll have double the closet space. Imagine your closet being perfectly organized, filled only with the things you love to wear and everything is at your fingertips. Part of what makes staying in a hotel so enjoyable is the simplicity. There are no closets overflowing with options.


6. Find and define focal points to create impact

Buy a couple of great pieces to serve as focal points, a headboard, painting, or mirror. Mirrors are incredible at creating a feeling of expansiveness in a space. Position mirrors in dark corners to brighten them. Almost every hotel room has a gigantic mirror, after all, we need to know what we look like before going out to face the world. It’s best to have both a large horizontal mirror and a full-length vertical mirror in your bedroom or dressing area.

For over the bed find a beautiful painting or a series of paintings or prints. The artwork combined with a fantastic headboard will make a statement and definitely be a focal point. Make sure they complement each other in theme and tone. Use restraint when hanging artwork in your bedroom. Hotels aren’t generally over-decked out with loads of pictures everywhere. Too many objects for the eye to fixate on is not peaceful. A few choices pieces work best. Sometimes less really is more.


7. Developing a lighting scheme to set the mood

Critical to creating a space that exudes elegance and serenity are to include multiple lighting options. There are three main types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. A room benefits greatly from a lighting scheme that includes all three types.

  • Ambient lighting provides the overall lighting for your room. It should spread a relatively equal amount of light throughout a space. The switch that you flip upon entering a room is usually the source of ambient light. Ambient lighting takes many forms, including ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures, wall sconces or floor lamp torchieres, and cove, soffit and valance lighting.
  • Task lighting is used to illuminate an area so that it can be used for a specific task. For instance, a desk lamp for reading or dressing table lamp for grooming. Task lighting can be used in your bedroom to provide light for reading, dressing, etc. Make sure that any area where someone might sit to read has an adequate task lighting source.
  • Accent lighting is used to draw attention to a particular object, such as artwork, plants or bookcases. Recessed or track lighting is often used for accent lighting and is usually adjustable so that light can be precisely focused, even on a small object.

It’s how you use a space, that will dictate where and what type of lighting you need.

When planning a lighting scheme for your room determine the ambient light source first, then consider task and accent lighting. Try to supply a minimum of three different lighting sources for your room.


8. Dress the windows for a lavish look

Drapes are a necessity in your hotel style bedroom. Not only can they block out the light and provide privacy, but they add a luxurious feel and frame your window. When selecting window coverings look for thick drapes that are lined. If having a completely dark room helps you to sleep invest in the block out lining.

The highest quality custom made drapes have an interlining, a layer of flannel-like fabric sewn between the lining and the “face” fabric. This offers maximum durability, light blockage, and insulation. Drapes with lining are significantly more expensive but come with distinct advantages.

They can shield fabric from sun damage, making them, and your furniture lasts longer. The lining also adds weight to the drapes which protect against drafts and makes them feel more luxurious.

  • Selecting fabric
    Consider your theme and the overall mood of the room. Heavy silk and velvet are great for a formal space (both require dry cleaning). Rayon blends and cotton sateen are less formal and easier to clean and still create a very elegant look. For a more casual feel select linen, or crinkly crushed velvet. Cotton and cotton blends bring a crisp, clean feel and work with almost any style of room.
  • Choosing a color
    When choosing the color for your drapes you’ll need to consider if you want them to blend with the decor or to pop. Drapes that are the same tone as the wall but a few shades darker, or lighter, are perfect if you want them to blend. Or, you can choose a non-dominant subtle color in the room (a shade from a chair or rug for instance). A bold color will draw attention and add a wow factor.

If you have patterned furniture or bedding, stick with solid curtains. If your furniture and bedding are solid-colored, consider patterned drapes. For an elegant and understated look choose a small, neutral print, like dots or paisley, which read like the texture from afar.

Drapes should be floor length or a few inches longer for the plushest appeal unless there’s a radiator or a deep sill in the way. Ready made panels are available in lengths from 63 to 144 inches. To determine the length you need measure from the floor up to where you’ll hang the rod and add several inches. Hang the drapes so a few inches of fabric pool onto the floor. Avoid drapes that are too short, they look awkward.


9. Curate a cozy space with your flooring

Your choice of flooring sets the stage for your room. There are several aspects to consider when selecting flooring for your bedroom, such as the feel of the floor, the look, the maintenance and the durability.

Plush carpeting exudes comfort and can feel incredible first thing in the morning when you step out of bed. Carpeting is one of the most popular bedroom flooring choices due to it’s softness and warmth. Carpet can provide insulation for your space and help control sound. An expanse of light colored carpet can also make a room seem more spacious. It’s relatively low price and ease of installation also add to carpets popularity.

Low end carpeting can be purchased for 2-3$ per square foot, higher end varieties can be much more expensive.

Carpet is not without it drawbacks. It must be cleaned regularly and stains. It can attract dust and small microbial organisms, which can negatively effect air quality and can seep into the padding. Generally carpet should be replaced every 5 to 15 years.

Hardwood flooring is the second most popular choice for a bedroom. Although it’s not as soft as carpet, hardwood planks do provide some give. Hardwood flooring can be very beautiful and offers a warm, quality appeal to a space. It comes in numerous styles and shades. Visit your local home store, Lowe’ or Home Depot, to see what’s available and find a style that will enhance your room.

You can combine hardwood flooring with throw rugs and area rugs to create a softer option and more customized look. Hardwood floor is easy to keep clean. It can be mopped with an oil based cleaner and water. It is also very durable and should last for decades.

Running $2.75 to $195 a square foot, hardwood flooring is more expensive and requires more labor to install than carpet.

Cork is a relatively new flooring material which is gaining popularity. It is very soft and spongy, and yielding beneath the feet. Cork is filled with millions of tiny air bubbles, which will insulate your bedroom against both heat and noise. Relatively hassle-free, cork flooring is sealed making it almost impossible to stain.

It is also naturally anti-microbial. The softness of cork is a benefit and a drawback. It will scratch and get gouged from pet claws, furniture legs, and high heels relatively easily. It will need to be replaced periodically, although it can be refinished a few times between installations. Cork comes in many different styles and can be slightly less expensive than hardwood flooring.


10. Create a seating area for added comfort

If space permits create a seating area in your bedroom. A seating area provides a place to rest without necessarily lying down in bed. In hotels, seating areas are often provided to grant guests a welcome spot for reading a book or watching tv.

A chaise lounge and side table work well for this as do two chairs facing each other with an ottoman in between for resting your feet. Whatever you select be sure the pieces are good quality and comfortable for sitting. Provide extra cushions for low back support and choose fabrics that coordinate with your color scheme and a style that suits your room’s theme.


11. Dress the bathroom to match your hotel-inspired bedroom

You want the style and decor of your bathroom to be complimentary and for it to almost feel like an extension of the bedroom. You can achieve this by using the same or a complimentary color scheme. Also, look for materials that speak to the style and theme you’ve already established in the bedroom.

Bathrooms benefit from big mirrors and lots of light, so be sure to provide a minimum of two lighting options, and at least one large mirror.

bathroom ideas for hotel inspired look

12. Design a dressing area if space permits

A dedicated dressing area will add a sense of luxury to your bedroom and be very useful. Find a dressing table that you love and that has plenty of storage. Pair it with an over-sized mirror and cushy stool or chair.

A decorative lamp for task lighting completes the space. Take some time to plan exactly what you will want in your dressing area and purchase containers to store everything you need in your dressing table drawers.

Don’t let this area get overrun with clutter. Keep it organized. Add a bud vase for a decorative touch. When you have a dressing area, getting ready just seems easier and more fun.


13. Accessorize and control clutter with trays

In case you haven’t noticed most hotel rooms have trays in them, (a tray on the bed with the remote, or a tray on the desk with stationery), why? Trays offer an elegant way to highlight objects and control clutter.

By gathering objects in a tray the room stays organized. Plus, because a tray is open, not a covered container, everything is easy to find and readily accessible. Steal this tray-secret and use it in your beautiful newly styled bedroom. You can use a tray on your bedside table to keep your books, glasses, and phone handy. A tray works wonders on top of a desk or bureau where small items seem to multiply.

Find a tray (or trays) that compliment your room’s theme. A tray can add a pleasant pop of color. Mirrored trays are elegant, add sparkle and catch the light. Add trays to your decor for a look that is tray-chic!


14. Bedside tables, customize yours for convenience and luxury

Bedside tables are a necessity for any decked out bedroom. Take special care when selecting yours. Once again you want lots of available storage to keep things neat. Don’t assume you need to stick with a standard bedside table. You can choose a chest of drawers or a bureau that offers more space instead.

Consider how you will use the piece. Are you a voracious reader who devours books in bed? Then you will want a piece that has plenty of room to store books both inside and on top. A chest with two or more drawers is ideal.

You can use the bottom drawer to organize items you like to have handy but don’t use all the time. The top drawer is a convenient place to stash all of your frequently used necessities. Reserve the top of your bedside table for the essential items that need to be in arm’s reach, your phone, alarm clock, etc.

Provide a table or reading lamp for adequate lighting.


15. Elevate your space with special touches

Now that your hotel-inspired bedroom is almost complete it’s time to add those special touches. Make it even better than a hotel, stock it things you love, good books and magazines, a journal, candles, fresh flowers, etc. Customize the room to suit your needs and desires. Elevate your room to the cozy, warm and elegant retreat you’ve always dreamed off.



May the Ritz be green with envy!

Chris Rodriguez15 Budget Friendly Tips To Create Your Own Luxury Hotel-Inspired Bedroom
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Hospitality Interior Design Trends To Wow Your Guests In 2017

Interior Design

Want to welcome your guests and the New Year with some opulent hospitality interior design trends that radiate elegance? Do you want ambiance of your hotel to make a mark on the memory of your guests?

Then you need to read on to know about the latest trends that can make your hotel not just a place any sleep but an experience that combines luxury and hospitality.

Following only a few steps can breathe life into a stale image. Whether you want to revamp or start a new hotel, follow these trends to redefine grandeur and extravagance.

The intrinsic styles include:

Lobby: Lobbies now are no more a place for check-ins and elevators. It is a space that creates the first impression. Think outside the box and design lobbies with brights colors, large chandeliers,  bold sculptures that reinvigorate history in your place. Well, you may receive some guests who are nature enthusiasts. Treat them by decorating lobbies with plants or stimulating art on greenery. Including an indoor waterfall is also equally effective.

Open Spaces: Those days are gone when a single couch, nightstand and a bed were enough to compel your guests to revisit. Design nowadays is geared towards customizing a space to suit different tastes. Every inch of the space is important to attract guests, so decorate the open spaces with a dash of artistry and precision. Custom millwork and exquisite furniture can instantly add an appealing charm. Consider large decks and terraces as mandatory parts of your design. Prefer large windows as they help your guests to enjoy the scenic beauty and green landscapes surrounding your hotel or property.

Bathroom: When the thought of redesigning your hotel strikes your mind, start with the bathrooms to go crazy with your creativity. Don’t commit the mistake of thinking that bathrooms are just additions that are not important design-wise. Take advantage of the redesigning opportunity to ornate your hotel space with magnificent designs. Go with ambient lightning, plush over-sized towels, fancy robes, waterfalls and vanities.

Art: Whether you know it or not, you have a goldmine of artistic talent in your local area. Local art is what will differentiate your hotel from others. Tap into your local artistic community and get all the sculptures, paintings and art pieces to beautify your space. Revamping with local art is the best way to show your uniqueness and show your appreciation for local artists.

Technology: Try to evolve at the pace that technology is evolving. Convert your guest’s stay into a seamless experience by developing an app that keeps all their amenities accessible at  their finger tips. Create an infrastructure that allows them to sync their smartphones with the AV, light and air conditioner controls.

Looking at these trends, it is quite apparent that designs this year will focus on juxtaposing traditional elements with contemporary art. Don’t go overboard when furnishing the interiors, keep your designs subtle yet alluring.

Incorporate these trends and get set to welcome your guests with a bang!

Chris RodriguezHospitality Interior Design Trends To Wow Your Guests In 2017
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