Hospitality Interior Design Trends To Wow Your Guests In 2017

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Want to welcome your guests and the New Year with some opulent hospitality interior design trends that radiate elegance? Do you want ambiance of your hotel to make a mark on the memory of your guests?

Then you need to read on to know about the latest trends that can make your hotel not just a place any sleep but an experience that combines luxury and hospitality.

Following only a few steps can breathe life into a stale image. Whether you want to revamp or start a new hotel, follow these trends to redefine grandeur and extravagance.

The intrinsic styles include:

Lobby: Lobbies now are no more a place for check-ins and elevators. It is a space that creates the first impression. Think outside the box and design lobbies with brights colors, large chandeliers,  bold sculptures that reinvigorate history in your place. Well, you may receive some guests who are nature enthusiasts. Treat them by decorating lobbies with plants or stimulating art on greenery. Including an indoor waterfall is also equally effective.

Open Spaces: Those days are gone when a single couch, nightstand and a bed were enough to compel your guests to revisit. Design nowadays is geared towards customizing a space to suit different tastes. Every inch of the space is important to attract guests, so decorate the open spaces with a dash of artistry and precision. Custom millwork and exquisite furniture can instantly add an appealing charm. Consider large decks and terraces as mandatory parts of your design. Prefer large windows as they help your guests to enjoy the scenic beauty and green landscapes surrounding your hotel or property.

Bathroom: When the thought of redesigning your hotel strikes your mind, start with the bathrooms to go crazy with your creativity. Don’t commit the mistake of thinking that bathrooms are just additions that are not important design-wise. Take advantage of the redesigning opportunity to ornate your hotel space with magnificent designs. Go with ambient lightning, plush over-sized towels, fancy robes, waterfalls and vanities.

Art: Whether you know it or not, you have a goldmine of artistic talent in your local area. Local art is what will differentiate your hotel from others. Tap into your local artistic community and get all the sculptures, paintings and art pieces to beautify your space. Revamping with local art is the best way to show your uniqueness and show your appreciation for local artists.

Technology: Try to evolve at the pace that technology is evolving. Convert your guest’s stay into a seamless experience by developing an app that keeps all their amenities accessible at  their finger tips. Create an infrastructure that allows them to sync their smartphones with the AV, light and air conditioner controls.

Looking at these trends, it is quite apparent that designs this year will focus on juxtaposing traditional elements with contemporary art. Don’t go overboard when furnishing the interiors, keep your designs subtle yet alluring.

Incorporate these trends and get set to welcome your guests with a bang!

Chris RodriguezHospitality Interior Design Trends To Wow Your Guests In 2017